Bad news for those waiting for Spider-Man for Marvel’s Avengers!


It was announced that Spider-Man would be added to the character list for Marvel’s Avengers. However, today, bad news came from the producer.

In the past days, Marvel’s Avengers producer Square Enix excited the fans of the game by announcing that Spider-Man will be added to the game. For Spider-Man, which will be exclusive to the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game, there is news that may miss those who are waiting for his character.

New content coming soon for Marvel’s Avengers

Square Enix’s new production, which includes Marvel characters, was presented to PC, Xbox Series X|S and PS5 users with old generation consoles on August 14, 2020. Marvel’s Avengers, which was criticized for many different aspects such as selling many cosmetic items for money, paying a fee to gain experience and launch price at that time, was added to the Xbox Game Pass subscription system in the past weeks.

Square Enix, which made a statement recently, announced that after 1.5 years, the Spider-Man character will be brought for Marvel’s Avengers. On the other hand, Spider-Man’s; It was stated that since the Japanese company Sony owns the naming rights of the character, it will only be offered exclusively to PS5 and PS4 platforms.

Square Enix, the producer of the game, released a video today that talks about how the character will look in the game and the combat system. After the video, where Spider-Man’s special powers such as web bomb and Spider-Drone were shown, information was also shared. Accordingly, the Spider-Man DLC will not contain a story mode in any way. Missions will be followed with short interim videos, just like other characters added to the game.

The promotional video for Spider-Man draws attention with the number of dislikes it receives. It can be said that the productions developed by Imsonmiac Games, especially released on PS4 and PS5 platforms, raise the bar for the players to the next level. So what do you think about the video released for Marvel’s Avengers? Do you think the lack of a story mode is an important shortcoming? Do not forget to share your views with us in the comments section.