Bad news for those waiting for RTX 3060 stocks!


Bad news came for the stocks of the RTX 3060 card, the middle member of Nvidia’s latest graphics card series, RTX 3000. Nvidia’s new generation graphics card series is not satisfied with a lower performance like the RTX 3050, but also needs a high performance like the RTX 3070. For those who haven’t heard, the middle of the family, the RTX 3060, is a good option. While graphics cards have been known for stock problems lately, bad days are coming for RTX 3060 stocks.

A tumultuous period begins for RTX 3060 stocks

Bad news for RTX 3060 stocks was reported in a conversation with third-party graphics card manufacturers such as Palit and MSI, and manufacturers buying as OEMs, allegedly on a Chinese forum. It is said that there will be a decrease of up to 50 percent in the shipments of the graphics card in September. However, it is also said that there will be a rapid recovery after this situation occurs in September.

The reason for the situation for the RTX 3060 stocks is the manufacturers in China. Nowadays, we often hear about problems such as factories being closed and not enough workers. This problem affects not only hardware, but also hardware production covering automotive and smartphones.

The first half of this year was a disaster for graphics card stocks. People were no longer thinking of buying a new graphics card and were doing research to find a second-hand card that would do their job. Mining-related stock problems are no longer a big problem around the world, but now we see that there are problems specific to graphics cards. If you are planning to buy the RTX 3060, one of the most competitive graphics cards of this year, in September, it might be a good idea to take your plan a little earlier.


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