Bad news for fans of The Walking Dead!


The Walking Dead series, which is one of the productions that conveys the zombie concept to TV screens in the best way, has come to an end. Recently, the expected announcement about The Walking Dead final season came. Although the series is ending, there will be new developments.

The Walking Dead final season announced

With the tweet sent via the official Twitter account, it was stated that The Walking Dead series will be on the screens with the 11th and final season in 2022. According to the information announced, The Walking Dead season 11 will appear as an expanded 24-episode season.

With this statement about the last season of The Walking Dead, a new TWD production with the name Angela Kang in the foreground will meet with the audience in 2023. This new production will also feature the names Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride.

Apparently, although the main series will end, the name and concept of TWD will continue to be kept on TV screens with sequels. As a matter of fact, this shows itself as a good development for the fans.

In the upcoming periods, new information about the new The Walking Dead season 11 and the new TWD production will continue to emerge.

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