Bad news for Airbnb users! Banned


California-based residential rental company Airbnb, which also operates in our country, has made a decision that may upset the users. The firm has blocked house parties around the world as part of its effort to comply with meeting bans in the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Home rental firm Airbnb banned house parties

Accordingly, the company will limit the occupancy rates to 16 people at the places it rents out. The housing rental company will also be able to initiate transactions if guests or hosts do not comply with the rules set. “Imposing a global ban on parties and events organized through us is in the interest of public health,” the company said in a statement. used the expressions. In addition, the company stated that parties are banned in 73 percent of the houses in its systems, but still allow some homeowners to rent events such as birthdays or baby showers. Despite this, the company also stated that some guests still use the rented places as bars.

“We think that this kind of behavior is quite irresponsible,” said the firm, adding that those who permit similar activities will be removed from their systems unless they approve them. The company removed the search filters such as “parties are allowed” or “activity-friendly” to indicate how much it adhered to the rules it imposed, and banned the renting of houses for those under the age of 25 in certain countries.

Airbnb, which was affected by the epidemic like other companies, stated for the first time in July that its customers made more than 1 million reservations as before. The company made its biggest gesture by providing free accommodation for healthcare workers in countries such as America, although not in our country.

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