Bad news came for Candyman movie


Another delay came for Candyman in the horror thriller genre, directed by Nia Dacosta and co-wrote the script with Win Rosenfeld and Jordan Peele. The production, which is expected to be released in October, has been postponed to 2021 and it has not been announced when it will be released.

Candyman movie postponed once again

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a negative statement came for the production, which was first posted on September 25, and then on October 16, due to the pandemic conditions announced as June 12. Universal Pictures and MGM, the producers of the film, which is expected to be released near Halloween, announced that Candyman will be released in 2021.

It is estimated that the decision in question was undoubtedly taken due to the coronavirus epidemic. While movie theaters in various states in the USA opened their doors in the past weeks, productions such as Tenet and New Mutants generated a considerable income at the box office. On the other hand, Candyman, had it not been postponed to 2021, it would have been the third highest-budget movie to be released after the pandemic after Tenet and Wonder Woman.

The film, which will be shown on the big screen as The Curse of the Candy Man in our country, is a continuation of the production, which was first released in 1992. It tells the story of a young man who lives in Chicago and researches an urban legend. According to the legend, Candyman, who appears to the person who says his name five times in front of the mirror, does not leave the person he appears to be alone. The young man who wants to prove something fearful about the legend goes in front of the mirror and pronounces the forbidden name five times.


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