The bad luck that haunts Gareth Bale


Few players are able to divide Real Madrid as much as Gareth Bale. The Welshman has never been a saint of the devotion of Santiago Bernabéu, but everyone has always applauded his great nights, in which he has come to resemble one of those special players, the chosen ones. However, with Welsh there has always been a but: how prone it is to get injured.

The statistics change week by week, but at the end of last season it was estimated that Cardiff’s Expresso had lost half of the games played since he arrived at Real Madrid in 2013 because of physical mishaps. He is a gifted player for the practice of sport, but for some reason he has a crystal body. When it is full, it is unstoppable, its sprint, its power, its agility and ease with the ball in speed and attacking the spaces are practically unmatched, but at the slightest setback, Bale has to stop.

His last injury, which he suffered during the team stoppage, has knocked him out of combat at his best in the last year and before two crucial games. He did not travel to Mallorca with the team, although there was no medical part of the club, it was understood that it was a preventive measure to arrive at the meeting against Galatasaray. The surprise jumped when Zinedine Zidane gave the list for the Istanbul and the Welshman was not part of it.

No medical part has yet been issued, and from the club it is murmured that it is because, in reality, doctors have not found any physical problem in the Welsh body. And that is the problem. It is an open secret that many of Bale’s “injuries” are really small nuisances that all professional footballers deal with. Without going any further, Karim Benzema has been playing professional football with a broken finger for more than a year, and the Frenchman has rarely gotten off a call for pain. But Bale is different, he prefers to stop as soon as he feels that his body is not one hundred percent, and this is something that despairs of Real Madrid.

Now bad luck has meant that Bale’s great physical streak has been truncated just at the decisive moment of the season. The week, which began in Mallorca and ended in Camp Nou, presented key to the aspirations of the white team, both in the League and in the Champions League. The postponement of the Classic relieves the club a bit before the loss of one of its most decisive players in attack, but who could not play in Mallorca or go to do it in Istanbul has been a setback for which Zidane was not prepared.

Bale had been missing an injury match since February, and since Saturday he has already lost two. This has also led to suspicion that many of their problems have to do with mental pressure rather than physical pressure. Since February Real Madrid has not competed for anything, so it is strange that just the week that whites have to face the first mountain pass of the season, the Welshman begins to suffer physical mishaps.

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