Bad Guys 4 Got a Confident Update from star Martin Lawrence

Despite the ongoing controversy surrounding his colleague, “Bad Guys 4″ received confident information from the star Martin Lawrence. The action comedy franchise began with 1995’s “Bad Guys,” in which Lawrence played Miami Police Detective Marcus Burnett, a more reserved family man compared to Will Smith’s adrenaline-fueled Mike Lowry. Lawrence and Smith directed all three “Bad Guys” films, which were mostly directed by Michael Bay and created by screenwriter George Gallo.
Recently, the duo returned to “Bad Guys Forever” 2020 under the direction of the future duo “Moon Knight” and “Batgirl” Adil and Bilal and saw Mike and Marcus investigate a series of murders that may be related to Mike’s secret past. Unlike the first two films, “Bad Guys Forever” received positive reviews from critics and grossed over $426 million with a production budget of $90 million, becoming the third highest-grossing January release of all time and the highest-grossing film in the franchise. Thanks to this success, Sony has started work on “Bad Guys 4,” and after two years of almost complete silence, one star has a promising update for the sequel.
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In a recent interview with Ebony, Martin Lawrence was asked to share news about “Bad Guys 4.” The franchise star was asked if Will Smith’s recent controversy at the Oscars, in which he hit Chris Rock after a joke made about Jada Pinkett Smith, affected the development of the sequel. Lawrence remained confident about the film’s chances, saying that “at least we have another one.”
After Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscar ceremony, reports began to appear that “Bad Guys 4” was suspended at Sony, along with a number of other major projects in which the Oscar winner was supposed to play a major role. Despite these reports, Sony chairman Tom Rothman confirmed in May this year that the studio was still working on Bad Boys 4, stating that “there were no brakes” because the project had not yet gained proper momentum. While Lawrence may not have said much about the progress made in the film, his confidence in “Bad Guys 4” will surely be welcome news for fans of the franchise.
Despite the 17-year hiatus between sequels, “Bad Guys Forever” really caught critics and viewers by surprise and left many excited about what “Bad Guys 4” could show, namely because the screenwriter of the triquel Chris Bremner was invited to return to write the script for “Bad Guys 4”. continued. Given that it took so long to create the third film, and the wait was worth it, it will be interesting to see how long it will take Sony to crack the code for “Bad Guys 4” and release another exciting part of the franchise, namely the studio. continues to expand its Spider-Man universe and sequels “Ghostbusters: The Afterlife”. While viewers are waiting for further details about “Bad Guys 4”, they can already review the unexpected hit “Bad Guys Forever” on Fubo.