Bad decision! Positioning a Queer man as the main villain


Perhaps the highlight is the positioning of Captain Jack Randall, a queer man, as a violent and predatory villain who haunts characters for years in Outlander.

Black Jack Randall is a violent serial rapist. He’s a compelling villain, especially given the complexities of his ties to Outlander’s Jamie and Claire, in the 18th and 20th centuries.

In Outlander, actor Tobias Menzies does a phenomenal job portraying two men, Frank and Jack, with the same faces, but completely different behaviors, moral compasses, and relationships.

However, Jack Randall is one of two queer characters in Outlander. Placing him as a predator reinforces the incredibly damaging stereotypes about queer men, who are vilified simply for existing.

Gabaldon could have established Black Jack Randall as Outlander’s main villain without turning him into a predatory queer man, and the series would be significantly better for that.

To this day, queer men cannot donate blood in the United States and queer men are often accused of predation, grooming, and pedophilia. Reinforcing harmful stereotypes and undermining the effectiveness and beauty of the entire Outlander story.

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