Bad Bunny: The best fan costumes to honor the singer


Bad Bunny reposted the best costumes of the fans, who dressed like him during Halloween.

The Halloween celebration took place this weekend, and one of the people who most enjoyed this party was Bad Bunny, not precisely because he had met with friends or family, but because his new song Dakiti was the protagonist of the parties .

In addition, some of his fans took advantage of this celebration to commemorate their idol, and for that reason they decided to dress up as him, so they exploited their creativity, in that sense, they showed their ingenuity to find a way to have fun with his face.

Through his official Instagram account, the famous one shared how his fans were partying to celebrate these dates (despite the Coronavirus pandemic), and the Daikiri song sounded in the discos.

Some of his fans were ingenious in dressing up to look like the “bad rabbit” but they used masks with his face to have more completed his outfit, yes, it was not only a Bad bunny, but there were several who were part of this fun attire.

Another of the costumes that attracted attention was some “Crocs” style “Bad Rabbit” that a couple took the opportunity to wear at their costume parties.

Bad Bunny to conquer the Latin Grammy

As we previously informed you in Somagnews, in a couple of weeks the celebration of the Latin Grammys 2020 will take place, where this singer will have a participation, and will surely interpret his most recent success.

In addition, this famous person is nominated for 9 categories, so he is one of the singers with the most nominations, only below J Balvin, so we will have to be aware of how many awards will be held.

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Did you like the Bad Bunny style costumes? How many Latin Grammys awards do you think the singer will win? Tell us your opinion in the comments.


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