Bad Bunny Shot a Fan After Throwing His Phone Into the Ocean


Bad Bunny has been criticized for dropping a fan’s phone after it invaded his personal space, but he’s not going to apologize for that.

The incident in question occurred in the Dominican Republic when a Puerto Rican rapper was walking down the street.

A group of people surrounded the star, but one person in particular managed to get under the skin of a Bad Bunny.

While they were walking, a fan ran up to Bad Bunny to take a quick selfie. Not taking this intrusion too kindly, the “I Like It” singer grabbed the phone and threw it into the nearest pond. The public reaction so far has been mixed.

Bad Bunny Explained Why He Threw Away a Fan’s Phone

Bad Bunny, real name Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, has since addressed the issue in a Twitter post, assuring fans that everyone who treats him with respect will get the same in return.

However, the rapper says he thinks someone putting a phone in his face is “disrespectful.” In return, they will be treated the same, he added, hinting that he was not going to apologize.

Pop Crave shared a translated version of Bad Bunny’s original tweet in the following post:

As with the original incident, the public reaction to Bad Bunny’s latest statement seems mixed. Although many understand that the fan ignored the personal boundaries of the celebrity, they believe that he could have handled the situation better.

“So if someone needs a video or a photo of where I’m going, can I just take their phone and throw it somewhere? No… it doesn’t work that way,” wrote one Twitter user under the post Pop Crave.

Others understood Bad Bunny’s behavior more. “The perfect answer, never reward disrespect with respect,” someone else said in the same thread.


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