Bad Bunny may release a new album this November 13th


Bad Bunny has given several signals about a possible new album, sooner than we expect.

Bad Bunny is, without a doubt, one of the most important singers out there today, as he has brought urban and Latin music to all corners of the world, where he has managed to have millions of followers, who are always waiting for new ones projects, and it seems that the next one is closer than we think.

And, after the resounding success that has been Dákiti, the new song of the bad rabbit, we can realize that the next record material of this singer comes with everything, we just need to know when it is released, and now it turns out that it could be closer than we think, so much so that strong rumors suggest that it would be this Friday the 13th when his new album is released.

These rumors began after the singer himself shared some stories on his official Instagram account, which have been interpreted as “signals” by fans, of what could be his new album, or at least a new one. song.

However, these suspicions have been compounded by the fact that the singer’s brother has responded on his own social network that Benito Martínez’s album will be released “tomorrow” being this November 12 the day that he has revealed such news.

For now, nothing is confirmed yet, but fans do not lose hope that the singer will surprise us with a new album, prior to the arrival of the 2020 Latin Grammys.

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Bad Bunny ready for the Latin Grammys

The singer will be participating in the Latin Grammy Awards on November 19, where he is not only nominated 9 times, but will also participate with a musical presentation, so we will surely see him sing Dakiti live for the first time, and in La Truth News, we are excited for this epic performance.


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