The Bad Bunny dance that left us stunned was it necessary?


The Bad Bunny has just released his latest album.

After the release of his second album “I do what I want”, Bad Bunny was all the rage in the virtual world, since in a few days his new songs are on everyone’s lips.

The topics that have come most to people are “If I see your mother”, “The difficult”, “I perreo alone” and “Safaera” and the famous rapper has a happiness that overflows him by tremendous success.

This is why the composer decided to share a video on his official Instagram account, to continue promoting one of the public’s favorite songs, the aforementioned “Safaera”.

What caught the attention of users was not the song itself, but the way in which the successful singer decided to appear on the networks.

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pos díganme… les gustó el ÁLBUM?

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Bad Bunny appeared in red underwear, dancing the song in a very daring way in the bathroom of his house and they all fussed.

His fans cannot complain that the music producer does not know about his life, he always tries to maintain a very close relationship with them.

Finally, the video reached more than 12 million reproductions and more than 100 thousand comments, all flattering the way of dancing and the 26-year-old Puerto Rican physical worker , who left more than one with his mouth open.


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