Bad Bunny breaks it on stage Incredible!


Bad Bunny took his presentation at the 2020 Latin Grammys to another level, and fans have been shocked.

One of the most anticipated presentations of the Latin Grammys was that of Bad Bunny, who since it became known that he was contemplated among the performances, caused a sensation among his followers.

In that sense, when it was announced by the presenters of the Latin Grammy 2020 we did not imagine what we were about to see, because Benito Martínez surprised with cars on a track, in which he performed his song Bichyal, in which we saw him carry a shiny white suit, and sunglasses, while vehicles and motorcycles walked by his side.

Later, the singer performed “And if I see your mother” song from the album “I do what I want”, an album that has positioned itself as one of the best sellers of the year, for the songs that it has as “Safaera” and “Yo perreo solo” among others.

In his participation interpreting “And If I See Your Mom” ​​the singer took off his first outfit, and kept one very similar to the one he has in the official video, with a “Lord” wig and a setting that also reminded us of the original video.

Bad Bunny disappoints his fans

Although the presentation was a success, and the flags of Puerto Rico waved in style, there was a detail that disappointed the fans, and that is that the so-called “Bad Rabbit” did not perform his recent hit “Dakiti”, which premiered ago a few weeks, and it pretends to be the first time that it was sung live, however, the fans were left with the desire, because I do not sing it.

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Bad Bunny has been one of the key pieces for the 2020 Latin Grammys, as he has been one of the most nominated singers, and his musical participation showed us once again why he is one of the most important singers in Spanish music.


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