Bad boys from the series that will steal your heart


Look at these handsome and charismatic bad boys from Korean dramas, their cold personality has a special touch with which you will be fired up and you will not stop seeing them.

All K-dramas are full of characters with different nuances, from those who have a loving, cute and understandable personality, to those who are very heavy, mean and even arrogant.

Bad boys have their charm, despite being moody and despotic there is something that makes them irresistible. If the protagonist of the drama turns away from him because her feelings are not reciprocated, the bad boy never gives up and tries to win his heart.

There are many dramas that have bad boys among their characters who have stolen the hearts of their fans and the thousands of viewers who have enjoyed their performance. Bad boys are very beloved.

This time we will show you some bad guys who have moved fans with their scenes, where they do not give up despite the circumstances that are presented to them in life.

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Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo’s Wang So

Lee Joon Gi gave life to Wang So, a young prince who was the fourth in the line of succession to the throne, his personality is cold, calculating and at times arrogant, his heart softens when Hae Soo teaches him love.

Jang Geun Won from Itaewon Class

Ahn Bo Hyun was the one who gave life to Jang Geun Won, an arrogant son of a billionaire who thinks before acting and believes that due to his economic position his mistakes should be forgiven, after many years, Jang Geun Won had his lesson.

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Baek In Ho from Cheese In The Trap

Seo Kang Joon was Baek In Ho in the drama ‘Cheese In The Trap’. He was a talented boy who finds comfort in music, after many family problems he thinks his heart will never heal, until he meets Hong Seol.

Kang In Wook from Love in Sadness

Ryu Soo Young is Kang In Wook in the Korean drama ‘Love in Sadness’, he is the eldest son of a wealthy family who develops an obsession for his wife because he looks like his mother, since his partner is fed up with his deals, he moves away from him to start a new life, but what he does not know is that Kang In Wook will do everything to get him back with him.

Jo Min Hyunk from Secret Love

Jo Min Hyunk played by Ji Sung, he seems perfect, he is a millionaire, handsome and has a brilliant brain, the only problem is that when people meet him they realize that he is not so kind and Yoo Jung will cross his path, making him decide between revenge and love.


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