Backup: what is it and how to do it?


In free translation, backup means backup copy, thus representing a copy of data that is stored in another location. It is important to note that a backup necessarily needs to be saved on another disk, device or cloud, after all, keeping all your data in one place is not at all secure.

Operating systems, messengers, apps and several other services offer the backup solution integrated with the software, which can make life much easier for those who need to keep their data safe. Windows itself offers an automatic backup feature, but we will also list other ways to keep a copy of your most important data.

How does the backup work?

There are a few ways to back up, but let’s dive into the topic below. However, it is important to note that there are several services that can offer the resource natively, facilitating the entire process.

On Android, for example, the Google Photos app can upload your captures from the mobile device directly to the Google cloud, allowing the user to define which type of file should be sent to the cloud and in which connection mode – network mobile or Wi-Fi only.

On Windows, OneDrive offers similar functionality, allowing you to select which folders on your operating system should have duplicate content for the cloud. This applies not only to photos, but also to text documents and system folders.

In addition, there are still third-party solutions, such as DropBox and Google Drive, that have software that can be installed on Windows systems, allowing you to have a feature similar to the native OneDrive, in which you select folders that should have their automatic backup whenever there is a change in the files.

Another app that performs automatic backups is WhatsApp, which is able to save your conversations in the cloud, thus allowing you to access them again even if you format your phone.

External HD

One way to keep your files safe is to make backup copies on hard drives or external disks. An external hard drive does not require such a high investment, being one of the most convenient ways to store your backups.

You can still use adapters that turn any HD into an external disk, and they are available in the form of docks that connect to your PC through a USB port or through cases, which are adapters for 2.5 mm disks like notebook hard drives.


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