Background image replacement feature for Google Meet


Google has started offering customized backgrounds for the Meet video conferencing platform. The company announced this innovation in a blog post.

If you are using Meet on Google’s Chrome internet browser, you can access this feature from Windows or Mac laptops or desktop computers. Of course, systems with Chrome OS are also listed. Google noted that this feature will come to mobile very soon.

No browser extension is required to enable customized background images on Google Meet. You can choose from your own photo album or from the options offered by Google, including various images, including landscape photos, various artistic images and office photos.

According to the company, it will take a week before all Google Meet users receive the new customized background images option.

For competing video conferencing services, Microsoft Teams and Zoom, the ability to change backgrounds in meetings is already available. All three services added new features as more people turned to video talk channels for home working or distance education during the pandemic period. In recent months, Meet has gained new features such as blurry background use in conversations, real-time subtitle support, low light mode, finger lift and grid view that can show 49 people together at the same time.

Google integrated Meet into Gmail last May. It placed a link in the sidebar and allowed anyone with a Google account to make free calls to up to 100 people without time constraints.

During the third-quarter results meeting announced by Google last Thursday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai noted that Meet hosts 235 million meetings and 7.5 billion conversations a day.

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