The Backboard that Circles Every Basket Ball You Throw (Video)


YouTuber Shane Wighton has designed a backboard that can run every basket ball he throws through the circle. Winghton, who used a simulation and made hundreds of trials to create this backboard, also shared the technical drawings of his project.

Playing basketball is one of the sports that is both enjoyable and training. Some people play this sport to earn money, while others play basketball as a hobby. Some of us even have individual basketball hoops in their homes or gardens. So, would you like a basketball backboard that would make every ball you throw into the pot? By combining basic physics rules and computer technologies, a YouTuber has managed to develop a backboard that will turn every ball you throw into numbers.

Designed to circulate every basket ball you throw, the backboard was designed by Shane Wighton. In order to design this backboard, Winghton first used a simulation to explore the angles that would make the ball pass through the hoop, no matter where it throws the ball. This simulation took several measurements by throwing a basketball ball at a hundred different angles at hundreds of different angles. The result of the measurements revealed the shape of the backboard that allowed each ball to pass through the circle.

The backboard where all the balls hitting the basket
According to the tests carried out in the simulation, the board that will allow each ball to pass through the circle must be in the elliptical paraboloid form, that is, it should contain both ellipses and paraboloids. YouTuber modeled this shape, which it reached through simulation, on the computer again. YouTuber, who turned the resulting model into a 3D prototype using a CNC machine, started testing the prototype that he obtained. As can be expected, the first tests failed.

The source of the problem is that the size of the ball is neglected
YouTuber continued to work to understand why the ball did not pass through the hoop despite all the work it did. After determining the cause of the error at the end of his work, YouTuber realized that the dimensions of the ball were not taken into account during the simulation. Considering this error, YouTuber, who moved the planer a few inches away, has achieved his goal this time. Wighton now puts every basketball ball he throws directly through the hoop.

If you wish and have the necessary equipment, you can design a backboard that helps to put every ball you throw into the circle. As a matter of fact, you do not have to make long efforts to have this backboard because Wighton shared the technical details of this backboard publicly.

The backboard that allows each ball to pass through the hoop


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