Back when Jimmy Kimmel’s hilarious Will Arnett show very quickly turned into a Jason Bateman roast


Hollywood stars have never deprived their fans of free entertainment content. During the year, as part of special events and live performances, we often encounter such moments when the stars, along with their friends and colleagues, laugh heartily. It was a moment to cherish on Jimmy Kimmel’s live show, where “Slow-Motion” star Will Arnett fried the brains of his longtime pal Jason Bateman.

Speaking about his passion for football, the Canadian actor began with memories of his football moments with his friend Jason Bateman. However, few people knew that the conversation would take such a cheerful turn that Bateman would be confused if he saw.

When Will Arnett bullied his friend Jason Bateman at Jimmy Kimmel

Arnett, first of all, noticed how hard it is to watch Jason (football matches). He then took another round of punches at Bateman when he recounted a hilarious incident with the Ozark Star. Will told about how once at a Dodgers baseball game he put on Jason’s own gloves and caught them in the air when they were almost on him. He and the host laughed contagiously, talking about “looking at his face” when Will took advantage of Jason’s moment.

However, this isn’t the first time Jason’s former co-star has made fun of him forever. Another time on Conan’s talk show, the star tried to roast Bateman for twelve minutes in a row. He made the entire audience laugh by imitating Bateman’s mannerisms and behavior on set in the most hilarious way possible.

The story of their eternal friendship does not end there. The two stars also teamed up for an Apple podcast called “SmartLess,” which is a pleasure to listen to these days. Their unbreakable bond is now known as one of Hollywood’s best duos for the better part of twenty years.

What do you think about the friendship of Jason Bateman and Will Arnett? Did you like how they starred together in their most beloved sitcom “Developmental Delay”? Do you have someone as close as them? Post all this in the comments below.


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