Back View: Why Prince of Persia: Sands of Time


We remember one of the best-regarded games in the vast PS2 catalog, and the first installment of a trilogy that did not lose quality at any time.

While still in force, we can calmly speak of this as one of the longest-lived franchises today, dating the original delivery from no less than 1989. And if we stick to what was seen during the past Ubisoft Forward, in which the remake of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was announced with a relevance at the height of a new IP such as Immortals: Fenyx Rising, in fact the French publisher still seems to believe in this mythical saga. He demonstrates it by resurrecting what is surely one of his most famous installments, and that he began a fantastic trilogy back in the 2000s, and also one of the best, at least for critics.

In just a few months we will be aware of what this title could mean in 2003, the date of its arrival on PS2, since the following year it would also be launched on Game Cube, being a completely solvent game playable today. Those who try it for the first time will even be surprised, having very frequent sections of platforms – in fact it is the main mechanic, along with the puzzles – and what is more important, when these were not yet fully mechanized and each had to be calculated. jump instead of simply holding down a button to make your character do an impossible parkour.

An adventure ahead of its time

But let’s start from the beginning … The plot of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time places us in Middle Eastern lands back in the 11th century BC. C., and begins already in a frantic way, during the assault of the Prince and his father’s army to a city run by a Maharaja, with whose daughter our protagonist ends up having an affair. During this assault, the Prince finds the Daggers of Time, which end up releasing the Sands of Time that give the game its name and that are a key part of the entire game, and around which the entire gameplay revolves, or at least , the most important.

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