Back to the Future: Michael J. Fox Turns 60 and Fans Pay Tribute


Back to the Future: Actor and activist Michael J. Fox became famous when he starred in Back to the Future opposite Christopher Lloyd. Today, 36 years after one of the greatest classics of the 1980s, Fox celebrates its 60th birthday, and a testament to the film’s influence is the expression of fans on Twitter.

Several people decided to congratulate the Canadian actor, who has become a symbol of the afternoon sessions. In addition to being known as Marty McFly, the boy who inspired Chuck Berry, he is also remembered for his activism. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and has been showing millions of people around the world in recent years how to find joy and peace in the face of tragedy and illness.

Check out some of the tributes to the actor below.

“Here’s something to think about. Today Michael J Fox is 13 years older than Christopher Lloyd when they filmed Back to the Future. Happy 60th Birthday Michael J Fox. .

“Happy birthday to Marty McFly and Michael J Fox. He’s one of my favorite celebrities who hasn’t let me down yet. Happy 60th.”

“Happy Birthday Michael J Fox. A Great Actor.”

“Happy 60th birthday, Michael J. Fox! ‘When you’re a short actor, you stand on top of apple crates and walk up a ramp. When you’re a famous short actor, everyone goes into a hole.'”

Back to the Future is still, 36 years later, one of my favorite movies. Happy 60th birthday to the brilliant and inspiring Michael J. Fox.”