Back 4 Blood Presents Its First Expansion, Tunnels Of Terror; Date And Contents


Back 4 Blood: Turtle Rock Studios presents the content included in the first expansion for Back 4 Blood, called Tunnels of Terror, which will arrive on April 12. Back 4 Blood will receive all the contents of its first expansion within a month. The Tunnels of Terror will arrive at the Turtle Rock Studios title on April 12 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. These contents are also included in the annual pass.

In a brief comment on social networks, the study points out the main characteristics. We can expect two new playable characters, Sharice and Heng, who will go hand in hand with 8 exclusive skins for the rest of the faces. The infected troops will also add new reinforcements: the Ripper, Shredder and Urchin will be the special enemies added.

We will be able to participate in a new game mode focused on the PvE experience, called Ridden Hives. Although its operation has not yet been revealed, we know that it will be dedicated to joining forces with other users against artificial intelligence. You can also look forward to over 15 new cards, chests, legendary weapons, accessories, and other items.

Back 4 Blood, the heir to Left 4 Dead?

In FreeGameTips Back 4 Blood it achieved a rating of 8.2 out of 10. During our conclusions we said that “it knows how to make you enjoy from the first moment”. “It is one of those cooperative titles necessary for the genre thanks to its long-term possibilities and how satisfying it is in the short term. The surprising thing about the work of Turtle Rock Studios is the toughness that it proposes from the first minute, even in recruit difficulty.

We highlighted the menu system, “a complete success”. “It is not enough just to be skilled; you should also have a deck that fits well with the build you want to build. Its problems, at least basic, are found in the imbalance of the generation algorithm. We would like special enemy encounters to be a little more unique, and not a succession of archetypes in a matter of seconds.” You can read the full text at this link.