Back 4 Blood: confirms postponement to October 2021


Through a note posted on their social networks, developer Turtle Rock Studios confirmed the postponement of Back 4 Blood. The title, which was originally scheduled to be released on June 22 this year, was officially pushed to October 12.

Without communicating the reasons for the postponement, the studio’s message also confirmed that the open beta testing period for Back 4 Blood will take place this summer, between the months of June to September, but with no specific date predicted. Read the full note below.

“Turtle Rock Studios is working hard to make Back 4 Blood the best game possible at launch, and the team needs more time to do so. That way, we will be launching Back 4 Blood on October 12, 2021. Thanks for our community for ongoing support and we’re excited to share that there will be an open beta this summer. ”

Back 4 Blood will be released for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X and PC.


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