Back 4 Blood, Analysis. A Guarantee Cooperative


Back 4 Blood: We analyze Back 4 Blood, the return of Turtle Rock Studios to the cooperative genre. Available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC. Back 4 Blood lands on the market as that cooperative title that fits in with any group of friends. After a couple of decades without finding the expected heir to Left 4 Dead, the title of Turtle Rock Studios is postulated as a fresh proposal, which quenches the thirst of hordes of infected looking to hunt you down. Our time through it has been good. What it transmits to us in the first impression is a solid and deep shooter, but that needs certain adjustments to be able to reach the next step.

Those who play in this league always start at a disadvantage. The always hackneyed comparative that extols a timeless game like Left 4 Dead and leaves those who want to propose something else within the formula in the background. The recent Aliens: Fireteam Elite or World War Z are an example that there is life far from a saga that has been without continuation for more than 10 years. Back 4 Blood takes the bet further, and proposes certain elements that serve as balm for the intrinsic evils of the genre: repetition and the ceiling of difficulty.

From the deck

Among those elements to which we allude is the card system, a mechanic that allows you to receive bonuses within the game as you manage to reach the shelters. From your entire deck, some will be chosen randomly, and it will be up to you to select which one is the best to play the next level. The four players in the game, as survivors (up to 8 different ones), will do the same. All played cards will be added to a global; some of them will have a positive effect on the team, while others will be just individual.

During the first hours you will start with a predetermined deck, which varies between small bonuses that serve as an introduction to the system. As you complete levels, you will unlock Supply Points that can be exchanged for new faces and cosmetics. There is a menu dedicated to receiving new letters; For steady progress, the team has created the supply chains. Broadly speaking, we are talking about a series of individual purchases that gradually unlock access to rewards. Once you complete the chain, the next one will be unlocked. Each of the chains has a specific theme. Is your role on the team to be a doctor? You may want to complete the “La Clínica” reward series.

During the progress there is an invisible hand that marks you what kind of survivor you want to be. You will go from making individual decks to wanting to find cards that boost your teammates. Creating your own build according to the character you select is essential when aiming for the highest levels of difficulty. Unlike other titles, your skill as a player is not the determining factor for success. Without good cards it is very difficult (if not impossible) to overcome the levels in Veteran and Nightmare difficulty, two of the three available.


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