Bachelorette Party: Why Rachel keeps her relationship with Brian a secret


Rachel Lindsay is a former “Bachelorette” star who fell in love with Brian Abasolo during her season, and now she explains why she likes to hide their relationship from prying eyes. Rachel first appeared in Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor in 2017. Although she didn’t find love with Nick, fans fell in love with her, and later that year she became the main character of The Bachelor. She paved the way as the first black bachelor.

Rachel and Brian had an immediate connection at the Bachelorette Party. She gave him her first impression of Rose on the night of the premiere. At the end of the season, Brian proposed, and Rachel happily agreed. They got married in Mexico on August 24, 2019.

In 2022, Rachel announced that she and Brian wanted children. She said they were considering an IVF option that could help them with this. Both Rachel and Brian are very active on social media. However, they try to keep their relationship in the shadows.

Rachel understands the interest in her relationship

In her blog “Honestly, Rachel” Rachel told why she likes to keep her relationship with Brian a secret. She said that the most common questions that people ask her on social media are: “Where is Brian and when are you going to have children?” The former bachelor said that in the past she had talked about having children, “but it’s time for me to do: where is Brian? Let me be frank, Brian is none of your business. I’m joking… well, half joking.” She said she perfectly understands why people are interested in their relationship, because they met at a “Bachelorette Party”. The audience became interested in their love story and their future.

Rachel added that “in the world of reality TV, which is designed to make your relationship fail, we survived and came out on top. Therefore, it is quite natural that viewers want to know what we are doing, whether we are all right, and what’s next for our future. They want the love story to continue to play out for their public perception. But our contractual public history ended on August 7, 2017.”

Rachel says people are trying to define her relationship

Rachel explained that after the Bachelorette Party ended, she and Brian decided they “wanted to control the future of our relationship.” They finally got off the show and out of the public eye to “build a solid, solid foundation. And we have successfully done it.” Rachel continued by saying that she is interested that people want to determine the success and happiness of their relationships “by the number of social media posts, comments, likes and stories that we publish. Choosing carefully what we want to reveal… we stay true to who we are as a couple.” She said it’s so easy to fall into the trap of using social media as a way to determine your relationship status. She added: “But how many times have you seen a couple of posts about your love and happiness only to announce your breakup 2 days later on the same platform?”

Rachel and Brian try not to share

The former star of the series “Bachelorette Party” Rachel reminded her subscribers that “social networks are not a reflection of reality,” but rather a look at the part of their lives that they decided to share with the public. She and Brian prefer not to share too much because they don’t want the “unfounded feelings and opinions of complete strangers” to be “louder than the two actually involved in the relationship.” Rachel admitted that at the beginning of their relationship, she and Brian felt the need to perform on social media because people expected it from them, and they “gradually moved away from the core of Brian and Rachel and formed the RnB narrative that the world created for us. We swore never to do it again.” Rachel concluded her post by saying that when time passes without social media posts about her and Brian, fans shouldn’t worry. She added: “We feel good here, we cherish our love in private and build a future without social media.”

Rachel and Brian are one of the few “Bachelorette” couples who not only stayed together, but also got married after the show, so their decision to keep their relationship a secret seems to be working. Although people got carried away with their love story on TV, Rachel is right when she says they don’t owe the world the right to be a part of their relationship for the rest of their lives. Rachel and Brian are a beautiful couple, they have a healthy and happy relationship.


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