Bachelorette party: who left after the first rose ceremony?


Rachel Recchia and Gabriela “Gabby” Windy eliminated five men at the first ceremony of the “Bachelorette Party”, as well as five other people who were sent to gather earlier. In season 19, for the first time in the Bachelor franchise, the two main characters search for love throughout the season. However, one complication is that women will have some overlap with the men they are attracted to; for example, both locked lips with Logan Palmer. Nevertheless, they like to work in a team and have the opportunity to lean on each other.

Pilot Rachel and intensive care nurse Gabby were contestants on the 26th season of “The Bachelor” with Clayton Echard. Clayton eventually eliminated both women, leaving Rachel heartbroken and sobbing on the stairs, which was hinted at by “Bachelorette Party” contestant Tino Franco, adding that he wanted to make the mansion stairs a happy place for her. In the end, Clayton chose Susie Evans, leaving Gabby and Rachel alone and ready to mingle as co-hosts on “The Bachelor.”

In general, women balance each other well. For example, Gabby’s confidence balances Rachel’s insecurity. Gabby talks easily and makes movements, such as kissing, while Rachel can be more reserved, thinking more deeply about situations. Both women share many similar feelings, such as when they jointly decided to evict Robert “Robie” Sobieski, Justin Young and Jason Young. In episode 2, after they found out that Chris Austin was talking about Fantasy Suites with other men before talking to Rachel or Gabby, they had no problem kicking him out of the house together in what Elite Daily calls an “AWK AF removal”. . . “Gabby and Rachel are learning to be bachelors; however it’s still difficult for them to send someone home because they empathize with what it’s like to be publicly abandoned.

By signing up to potential clients for a Bachelorette Party, Gabby and Rachel knew that this was part of their job. The exception that Rachel found particularly difficult was from racer Jordan Vandergriff. The couple had an immediate connection on the first night, but after ZeroG’s $16,400 dinner date, she spoke to her producer, saying, “I really like him. He’s an incredible guy.” Unfortunately, for Jordan, despite the extravagant first date, the spark did not ignite, and Rachel could not give Jordan a rose. The producers took his luggage out of the house, and the other men watched in shock. The other men eliminated during the First Rose Ceremony were: Brendan Hall, Colin Farrill, John Anderson, Justin Budfuloski, Matt Labag and Ryan Mula. Some men were rightfully upset, as the time the women spent kicking Chris to the curb was the time Gabby and Rachel could spend with them.

The men who survived the first round of exile were: Jason Alabaster, Aven Jones, Erich Schwer, Zach Shellcross, Jordan Helman, Quincy Williams, Michael Vaughn, Jacob Rapini, Tyler Norris, Termaine Harper, Hayden Markowitz, James “Meatball” Clark. , Kirk Bryant, Spencer Swiss, Alec Garza, Ethan Kang, Nate Mitchell, Johnny DeFillipo and Logan Palmer. The owners of the first impression rose, Tino Franco and Mario Vassal, also survived the rose ceremony. In episode 2, the two men also stated their intentions: Jason is chasing Gabby, and Tyler is all for Rachel. Given that women not only choose men, but men also decide where to invest their energy and emotions, there may be many surprises this season. There are 21 men left, which means that as the 19th season of The Bachelorette continues, there will be many more exceptions and drama.


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