Bachelorette Party: The 10 best scenes of the season premiere of “Gabby and Rachel”


The 19th season of “The Bachelor”, which premiered on July 11 after several months of intense anticipation, attracts increased attention because this is the first season of the “Bachelor” franchise, in which two main characters simultaneously participate.

Gabby Windy and Rachel Recchia from the last season of The Bachelor were presented with more contestants than in any other season of the series, and they were not told how the process would be changed to accommodate the format change. . This novelty gave the premiere of the series a spark that is easy to recognize in the best moments of the episode.

Rachel and Gabby’s first conversation at the mansion

Before the meeting with the participants, Rachel and Gabby had a short and light conversation in the courtyard of the mansion, in which they discussed the qualities that they respectively look for in partners. Rachel emphasized the physical data, noting that she is attracted to tall and athletic men, and Gabby said that she is looking for a determined man.

Then the two presenters mentioned that they are not sure how their unprecedented season will be built. This last meeting before the arrival of the men reminded the audience of the exceptional chemistry of the couple.

Rachel and Gabby’s first speech to men

The premiere of each season of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelor” includes a speech in which the host outlines his expectations for the season, trying to calm nervous participants in the process. On Monday’s episode, Gabby reminded the men that she and Rachel were in their position as contestants just a few months ago, and so she understands their concern at the start of the contest. Rachel tried to calm them down by giving advice, encouraging them to be open and vulnerable during their first meetings with her and Gabby.

Gabby’s response to meeting the twins

Gabby and Rachel’s joint meeting with twins Justin and Joey Young was tense and unromantic, and both girls noted discomfort during later interviews with talking heads. Reflecting on the conversation, Gabby said that she and her brothers did not communicate, adding with her characteristic non-standard wit: “This is not for me.” Justin and Joey’s disturbingly similar looks and their shared careers alienated Gabby and Rachel rather than liked them, and this led to their exclusion at the end of the episode. Someone may come to the conclusion that the brothers are the actors of the bachelorette party who deserve more.

Gabby’s first meeting with Ryan

Gabby had an exceptional meeting with Ryan, an investment director from Boston. When Ryan tried to teach Gabby the Boston dialect by writing down standard and Boston sentences on the blackboard, Gabby told him that he writes “like a five-year-old child.” That comment calmed Ryan down, playfully teasing her back, and their shared sense of humor ignited a bond that could potentially take him far into the competition. Ryan, who is a favorite bachelorette party participant for some, was one of several actors who preferred one of the bachelorette parties to the other.

Rachel’s excitement about Jordan’s race car.

Jordan V. tried to impress Rachel, who attracted him in the first place, by demonstrating his passion for driving racing cars and linking it with her career as a pilot.

Rachel seemed to be fascinated by Jordan’s most exciting dragster, and also felt comfortable in his company. Jordan ended the meeting by telling Rachel that he would teach her how to drive a race car if she taught him how to fly an airplane, assuming that he considered Rachel and himself equal. Although Jordan didn’t get a first impression of Rose, he seems to be one of the men who intrigued Rachel the most.

Gabby’s kiss with Mario

Despite the fact that Gabby was known for her stupidity and carelessness, she developed one of the strongest initial ties with the relatively serious and restrained Mario. During their meeting outside the mansion, Mario told Gabby that he considered himself more vulnerable than most men, which seemed to intrigue Gabby rather than disappoint her. The couple then shared their first kiss of the season, after which Mario told Gabby that he was looking forward to continuing their journey. Unlikely relationships like this have often proved successful within the Bachelor franchise, as evidenced by some of the most popular couples from The Bachelor.

Rachel and Gabby’s first conversation after meeting men

After Rachel and Gabby spent time with the contestants, the two hosts sat down to share their progress with each other. Rachel told Gabby that she had kissed Tino, the charming general contractor, and Gabby told Rachel about her kiss with Mario.