Bachelorette Party: Michael Callio Shares His Perfect Father’s Day


Michael Allio, the star of season 17 of the Bachelorette Party, shared his ideal way to spend Father’s Day with his 5-year-old son James and told what fatherhood means to him. Michael lost his wife Laura to breast cancer in 2019 when she was just 33 years old. Now he is raising their son as a single father.

Although Michael found a connection with Katie Thurston on The Bachelorette Party, he eventually decided to leave for a date in his hometown after a FaceTime call with James. James didn’t understand why Michael left and thought it was because he didn’t want to see him anymore. Michael knew that his son needed him, so he went home. His decision was respected and admired by fans who fell in love with his sweet and kind behavior. Some fans even thought he should be the next star of “The Bachelor.”

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In an interview with Bachelor Nation, Michael revealed that his ideal Father’s Day is a “weekend getaway” with his own father and James to “celebrate three generations at once.” Michael shared: “We like to have a short weekend in some hotel (not necessarily glamorous), where we can disconnect from technology and enjoy each other’s company.” The bachelorette star went on to say that the most important job of a father is to love his child unconditionally. He also believes that it is important “to share the wisdom that we have learned along the way, and at the same time leave our children enough space to grow and create their own unique personality.” Michael shared that fatherhood has changed him in every way, it motivates him, humbles him and gives him a purpose. He added, “Being a father gives me life.”

Michael admitted that he was surprised at how “enjoyable” fatherhood is, although it can also be “absolutely exhausting.” However, he said the “level of joy” he gets from watching James develop and grow is unlike anything else he has ever experienced. Graduate student Bachelor ‘s degree Michael gave advice to parents, namely: “Despite the fact that we are parents, do not forget that we do not know everything. Share your wisdom with your children, but don’t impose it on them. They’re not you, and they shouldn’t be.” He urged parents to allow their children to express themselves freely and celebrate their individuality. He added: “Some of the best lessons I’ve learned in life have been taught to me by my son… listen to what they say… it’s often quite insightful.” When asked how James would describe him as a father, he said that, in his opinion, James is “convinced that I sit on the couch all day.” The former Bachelorette star said his favorite part of fatherhood is that James loves him so much and there is an unbreakable bond between them.

Michael was an incredible role model for James. By giving his time at his son’s Bachelorette Party and using his social media platform to help others cope with grief, and being a single parent, he has established himself as an incredible person. Michael is a wonderful father, and he and James are lucky to have each other.