Bachelorette Party: Mario Admits He Was Still Open to Rachel after Rose Gabby


During the premiere of the 19th season of The Bachelorette, Gabby Windy gave Mario Vassal a first impression rose, but now Mario has admitted that he is still open to dating Rachel Recchia because it was so early. Mario, a 31-year-old personal trainer from Naperville, Illinois, got out of the limo as he danced in front of the women, chanting, “Rachel and Gabby, OK!” The women were charmed by Mario’s sweet and friendly personality.

During the night, Gabby spent some one-on-one time with Mario, during which he told her that he wanted to be vulnerable with her and break the stereotype of the closeness of men. At the end of the conversation, they kissed, and Gabby said in her confession that Mario gave her “butterflies”. Later that night, Gabby gave Mario a first impression rose and they kissed again. In his confession, Mario said that he hopes to establish their relationship in the next few weeks.

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On the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast hosted by Becca Kufrin and Michelle Young, Mario admitted that while he was happy to get a first impression of Gabby because it was so early in his bachelorette party journey, he was still open to dating Rachel. Mario said that when he got out of the limo, he actually felt at first that he had made a connection with Rachel because she grabbed his hands and asked if he liked the Cubs or the White Sox. Later, he had a great conversation with Gabby, during which they connected, and it led to a kiss, and the first impression improved. He said he wasn’t sure if he really stood out to Gabby after their conversation and kiss because there were so many other men there and he didn’t know if she kissed them or socialized with them. However, he said that later that night, after getting the first impression of Rose, “I felt really good.”

At the end of the “Bachelorette Party” premiere, Gabby and Rachel decided to cancel the Rose Ceremony because they didn’t have enough time to meet all the men. He admitted that when Gabby toasted her and said that there were still so many men with whom she did not communicate, even though his first impression of her improved, he realized that he might also want to meet Rachel. Mario explained that when she said that, he realized that “it’s too early.” He said, “This rose is huge. I’m still trying to figure out how things will develop. Gabby and I had a great connection, but I’m open to talking to Rachel.” Mario admitted: “I wasn’t necessarily one hundred percent attached to Gabby. I still wanted to meet Rachel. But it was as a result of what she said.” He knew there were a lot of guys who didn’t have time with women that night who “kind of bypassed this rose ceremony,” and he stood out. However, he also realized that he had a goal because there were still guys who wanted to spend time with Gabby and Rachel. This made Mario realize that he, too, should be “open and accessible.” He said he was “definitely leaning more towards Gabby, naturally, because I just got a first impression of her, but being open to Rachel was something I was [too].”

This season of “The Bachelorette” is especially interesting because not only the main character has to make decisions about who she wants to be with. Men also have a choice, and they need to analyze who they are connected to more. Although in the past, the man who got the first impression reached the end in the Bachelorette Party, this season is so different because of the double main roles. Bachelor Nation will have to wait and see if Mario will connect with Rachel in addition to Gabby.