Bachelorette Party: Gabi & Rachel Pokes fun at Clayton in IGOR post


The stars of the upcoming season of “The Bachelor” Gabby Windy and Rachel Recchia poked fun at their ex-boyfriend Clayton Echard after their tumultuous experience in his season of “The Bachelor.” Clayton infamously told all of his last three women, Gabby, Rachel and Susie Evans, that he loved them and slept with Gabby and Rachel on dates in their fantasy apartment. When Clayton confessed this to Susie, she couldn’t accept it and left the show.

When Clayton later realized that Susie was his final choice, he told Gabby and Rachel that he loved them all, but loved Susie “the most.” He broke up with both of them and asked Susie for a second chance, but she rejected him. However, in a shocking turn of events, during the episode “After the Last Rose”, Clayton and Susie revealed that they are back together. They have been a happy couple ever since. In another unexpected twist, Gabby and Rachel were announced as the two leading ladies in The Bachelorette Party.

In an Instagram post, Gabby and Rachel ridiculed Clayton’s chaotic season. Gabby posted a promo video for the Bachelorette Party, but it was her hilarious signature that really caught the attention of her subscribers. She wrote: “I’m actually in love with three women,” is a clear blow to Clayton’s statement in his season. In the comments section, Rachel continued to roast Clayton, writing “I love you the most,” one of his most infamous lines. Gabby replied, “Well.” The comments section was filled with support from fans who liked how Gabby and Rachel called Clayton’s mistakes.

The commercial shows Gabby and Rachel, dressed in dresses with red roses, loading red luggage into the trunk of a cherry-red convertible. In homage to the classic movie “Mean Girls” Rachel tells Gabby: “Come on in, loser. We’re going shopping,” and Gabby adds “for her husband.” Rachel is happy, and the caption reads: “Two best friends. One incredible journey. This season it’s petals to metal” when rose petals are showered on women.

A sign that people have coped with a bad situation is their ability to laugh at it, and Gabby and Rachel do just that with their hilarious Instagram comments. Everyone agrees that Clayton’s season of “The Bachelor” was one of the most ridiculous, so laughing at him now seems appropriate to women. They’ve finished filming their season of “The Bachelorette,” so maybe these playful comments are a sign that they’ve ended the drama with Clayton and found happiness in their own show. Let’s hope Gabby and Rachel’s Bachelorette Party season ended with them finding true, true love.