Bachelorette Party: Gabby & Rachel Teases their Season of “Empowering Women”


Recently, the main characters of the 19th season of “The Bachelorette” Gabby Windy and Rachel Recchia teased their season of “women’s empowerment” at the CMA 2022 Music Festival in Nashville. Gabby and Rachel met in the 26th season of “The Bachelor” starring Clayton Echard. Both Gabby and Rachel established strong ties with Clayton and made it to the final three. But they eventually broke up at the same time when Clayton decided he wanted to pursue a relationship with Susie Evans instead.

However, in the season finale, Gabby and Rachel were announced as the next main characters of the Bachelorette Party, to the delight of fans who admired the close female friendship. Gabby and Rachel weren’t the only Bachelor Nation stars to appear at CMA Fest. The co-directors were joined by graduates of the seventh season of “Bachelor in Paradise” Becca Kufrin, Thomas Jacobs and Serena Pitt, who signed autographs as part of a special event for fans. The fan experience also included meet-and-greets and photos with the cast, as well as a Q&A panel.

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During an interview with Bachelor Nation, Gabby and Rachel shared that they think their season is worth watching because it symbolizes the empowerment of women. Rachel started with the words: “I think everyone should watch this season because it’s the season of women’s empowerment.” Gabby and Rachel’s friendship is a great example of women’s empowerment, and this duo is certainly very interesting to watch. With two leading women, the women will lean on each other throughout the season, unlike past seasons when the main role is often supported only by the host. Up until the 17th season of The Bachelorette Party, the show was always hosted by a man, so fans are happy to see that the two main characters will be able to support each other.

Gabby also shared her thoughts on the season, saying, “Having a woman in this position is already empowering.” When the franchise was just starting, the Bachelorette Party was not part of it. After several years of watching The Bachelor, fans insisted that the series also had a female lead. Gabby added: “This season we really have an opportunity to take matters into our own hands.” There’s no doubt that the upcoming bachelorette parties, Gabby and Rachel, have found themselves in a very difficult position while working on “The Bachelor,” and fans are happy to see the women returning to hopefully find their happy lives.

Fans applaud Bachelor Nation for giving both women the opportunity to be presenters, as opposed to the traditional single leadership. This decision mirrors a similar decision made in the 25th season of “The Bachelor” under the direction of Matt James, in which both Katie Thurston and Michelle Young were selected to participate in separate seasons of “The Bachelor.” However, this season will be a little different because Gabby and Rachel will be dating the same group of men, unlike Katie and Michelle. Viewers will see the exciting season of Gabby and Rachel for the first time on July 11, when the premiere of the 19th season of The Bachelorette Party will take place.