Bachelorette Party Fans Criticize Rachel’s Alleged Jealousy of Gabby


After weeks of tears in season 19 of The Bachelorette, some fans criticize Rachel Recchia for allegedly being jealous whenever Gabby Windy is shown forming a strong relationship with her group of men. When Gabby and Rachel’s journey began, each woman greeted all 32 men together on the first night. Quickly realizing that the lack of structure would no longer lead to chaos, Gabby and Rachel decided to split their travels, and each of them chose their own group of men to pursue. However, at the rose ceremony, the three men rejected Rachel, saying they wanted to pursue Gabby instead. Rachel was very hurt by this, and she told how hard it is to be rejected.

After the rose ceremony, Rachel quickly found happiness again during a one-on-one date with Tino Franco in Paris. Rachel and Tino have had a strong bond since the first night, and Rachel even said after their date that she could imagine herself falling in love with Tino. Unfortunately for Rachel, her high didn’t last long, as she quickly felt invisible again when she invited her group of men to watch Gabby’s group boxing date. Rachel tearfully admitted that she was hurt because none of the men tried to create moments with her during Gabby’s group date, and even said that Clayton Echard saw her more when she was a participant in the 26th season of The Bachelor.

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While many fans regret the difficulties Rachel has faced so far during her journey, some also believe that at times she is a little jealous of Gabby. The bachelorsbuzzin Twitter user posted a screenshot of a message their boyfriend sent them saying, “I’m sorry, but Rachel seems to get upset every time Gabby gets attention, not her, am I wrong?” Many users in the comments quickly agreed, stating that Rachel was very jealous whenever when Gabby seemed to be having a good time with her men. Some also pointed out that it was wrong of Rachel to date Gabby to get the attention of her boyfriends, as it was supposed to be a special time for Gabby.

Some fans had other theories as to why Rachel’s men might not have made much effort to talk to her during Gabby’s date. Some pointed out that maybe the men just didn’t know that they were even allowed to approach Rachel and talk to her, since she bought them there to watch Gabby’s men box. Rachel also sat with Gabby most of the time, except for the moment when Gabby briefly left to announce the winner of the group date. Rachel said that although Gabby’s boyfriends paid attention to Gabby on a date, she was offended that her men didn’t pay attention to her. However, this could well be due to the fact that it was ultimately Gabby’s date.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Rachel’s difficult journey will end anytime soon. In the last episode, contestant Logan Palmer realized that although he accepted a rose from Rachel, his heart felt a stronger connection with Gabby. Logan sat down with host Jesse Palmer to discuss his options, where Jesse told him it would hurt Rachel even more after three rejections at the previous rose ceremony. During the third rose ceremony, Logan accepted another rose from Rachel. However, the preview of the 5th episode of the 19th season of The Bachelorette Party hints that Logan is moving to Gabby’s team, which will undoubtedly upset Rachel even more.


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