Bachelorette party: age, work, instagram and hometown of Tino Franco


At the premiere of the 19th season of The Bachelorette Party, Tino Franco received Rachel Recchia’s first kiss, and the first impression has improved, and fans are wondering about the soft and beautiful groom. This season, Rachel shares the role of Bachelorette with Gabby Windy after they both placed second in the 26th season of Clayton Echard’s “The Bachelor.” his current girlfriend is Susie Evans. They were heartbroken, but now they are happily moving on.

During the premiere, 26-year-old Rachel and 31-year-old Gabby greeted all the men together as they got out of the limousines. Instead of arriving in a limo, Tino drove up in a forklift, as he is a general contractor. He jumped to the ground, saying, “Let me just say that you two look great.” Rachel immediately fell in love with him and told Gabby: “I was waiting for a jack of all trades. He’s my type,” as he entered the Bachelor mansion. She told the cameras, “I’m immediately attracted to Tino.

Later that night, Rachel spent one-on-one time with Tino. He took her to the stairs and said he wanted to give her a better memory of the stairs. Viewers of Clayton’s season of The Bachelor remember the heartbreaking scene when Rachel cried on the stairs in Reykjavik, Iceland, after Clayton broke up with her. Rachel liked that he was so caring, and they kissed for the first time. She told the cameras that Tino was the romantic connection she had been hoping for and waiting for. Tino was the only man Rachel kissed, and now fans want to know more about the handsome boyfriend.

Age, family and hometown of Tino

Tino, whose full name is Justino Phillip Franco, is 28 years old, he lives in Playa del Rey, California. His birthday is February 14th, which makes him an Aquarius. According to his ABC biography, the bachelor loves spending time with his family and friends and “loves his family dog as much as he can.”

Tino’s education, work and volunteer activities

Tino’s LinkedIn page states that in 2016 he graduated with honors from Loyola Marymount University with a degree in construction. He currently works as an assistant project manager at AECOM Hunt construction company. According to his Instagram page, Tino also volunteers at the Ronald McDonald Camp, working with children with cancer, as well as with their families. His brother Mateo had leukemia as a child, and he has been healthy for ten years. In an Instagram post , Tino wrote: “The camp heals in many ways that medication cannot cure, I know from experience when my younger brother had leukemia (he has been healthy for 10 years), and the camp has become great for me and my family. ”

Tino’s hobbies and interests

According to his biography, Tino is “a guy who goes with the flow.” He enjoys cycling, hiking and surfing, and he dreams of surfing in Bali. When host Jesse Palmer introduced him at TikTok Live’s Meet the Men bachelorette party in June, he said that Tino “loves, loves, loves nature,” showing that “if it’s outside, Tino is there.” Tino also likes to read the Wall Street Journal, loves meat and has even declared his love for a restaurant in Santa Barbara, California.

Tino’s Instagram

Tino created his Instagram page in 2018. It contains photos of his family and friends, vacations and volunteer work. It also shows that Tino had shoulder-length hair. Tino also posted information about his debut in the series “Bachelorette Party” with the caption: “Of course, I hope they bury me!”

What is Tino looking for

According to his bachelorette biography, since Tino is actively involved in the charity of his community, he is looking for someone “who will work to make the world a better place with him.” He wants “a significant bond to lay the foundation for him and his future wife to become great parents.” Family is everything to Tino, and he even wants four children in the future. Tino said he was “ready to put everything he has into creating something real with Gabby or Rachel.”

Tino made a big impression on Rachel on the first night of the Bachelorette Party, getting her first kiss, and her first impression grew. He seems like a great match to her. His admission of everything she went through on The Bachelor seems to indicate that he is serious about making her happy. I hope Tino gets not only Rachel’s first impression rose, but also her last rose.