“Bachelor Graduate” Beca Martinez is “ready” to get engaged to Grayston Leonard after rejecting his first offer


Ready for the next step! Beca Martinez is ready to marry her boyfriend Grayston Leonard after rejecting his initial offer three years ago.

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“I wonder how my boyfriend is going to propose,” Martinez, 27, wrote in a recent TikTok video before sharing photos of her hand with a ring on it. “Remembering that he had already proposed to me three years ago, I refused, but still took photos.”

After a TikTok subscriber asked the bachelor’s graduate for more detailed information, she told about it in another video.

“My boyfriend and I got pregnant just three months after we met in 2018. So we barely knew each other. The whole pregnancy was very difficult and not fun at all. We were both very angry at each other for a number of reasons,” Martinez explained. “Our daughter Ruth was born on February 2, 2019. And immediately, when she was born, so much stress, anxiety and resentment that occurred throughout the pregnancy, as if disappeared. And I felt like it [was] the first time we really got a chance to fall in love with each other.”

The California native said that 33-year-old Leonard asked the question just two weeks after the birth of Ruth, who is now 3 years old. “I thought: “That’s so sweet, but now is just not the time.” I’m still superhormonal. I’m in the midst of the postpartum period.” And also, like, our relationship was still not in the best condition. We had to deal with a lot, we had to talk about a lot,” she recalled.

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Martinez told her followers that she didn’t want to get married just “because we had a baby,” saying that she and her beau had undergone family therapy to solve their problems.

“Now I feel like I’m ready to say yes. Well, let’s see what happens. I foresee an offer in the near future,” said the participant of the reality show.

The duo began dating in July 2018, the same year Martinez appeared in season 22 of The Bachelor. That summer, she turned down the fifth season of Bachelor in Paradise because of a promising romance with Leonard. In July 2020, the couple had a son, Franklin. In the past, Martinez has been outspoken about the possibility of exploring non-monogamous relationships.

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“We’ve talked before about how I want to get married, but, like, I don’t know if I want to have sex with you for the rest of my life,” she said on the January episode of the show. Podcast “Not thin, but not fat.” “So we talked about maybe one day we’ll have an open relationship.”

The Chatty Broads podcaster added that her boyfriend is not a jealous type. “We have two children, we live together and love each other,” she said.