Bachelor Country stars enjoy Stagecoach Festival 2022: Hannah Brown, Blake Horstmann and others


It’s that time of year again! Over the years, the Stagecoach Festival has become one of the main events for Bachelor Nation members — and this weekend was no exception.

“It’s been a long 3 years, but we’re back, baby! See you there! 🤠 ❤️ ,” Blake Horstmann wrote on Instagram on Thursday, April 28. He added the hashtags “I’m going to swing dance,” “We met on the stagecoach,” and “We’re back.”

The 33-year-old Colorado native proudly documented his plans for “Stagecoach” on Friday, April 29, where he watched performances by Jordan Davis, Maren Morris and Thomas Rhett in Indio, California.

Hannah Brown, for her part, was also delighted that she had adopted her village roots at the annual music festival. “Vertigo, stagecoach time,” the 27-year-old author of “God Bless This Mess” wrote in an Instagram Story on Friday.

The Alabama native, who was a bachelorette party in season 15, was wearing jeans, a red crop top and a purple cowboy hat.

Amanda Stanton, for her part, brought her 10-year-old daughter Kinsley and fiance Michael Vogel, to whom she got engaged in December 2021, to the festival on Friday evening.

“Kins had a great time,” the 32—year-old native of Orange County, California, wrote via Instagram Story. “Early exit from home. The success of the first night.”

After Abigail Heringer and Noah Erb celebrated their 9-month anniversary earlier in April, they got into “Stagecoach” with another graduate of the seventh season of “Bachelor in Paradise” Thomas Jacobs.

“Abigail >>>>>> Noah is great too,” Thomas, 29, signed the Instagram Story footage with the couple.

Of course, the country music festival has made headlines among bachelors in years past after Blake admitted to chatting with several franchise alumni when he attended it.

During his stint on season 6 of BiP in 2019, Blake was accused of contacting (and subsequently ghosting) Kaelynn Miller-Keys at a music festival earlier that year. It also turned out that the day before he had a good time with Kristina Shulman. After the host of the podcast “Behind the Rose” was expelled from the beach in Mexico, he teased that he was ready to return to “Stagecoach”.

“I’m definitely still going,” Blake told the Daily Mail in February 2020. “I won’t let people shame me for not going to a music festival. I’ll be a little more careful, but I’m really looking forward to it.”

The Bachelorette season 14 graduate has since retired from the BiP drama with his own set. Blake, an aspiring DJ, is going to perform on the Honky Tonk stage on Saturday, April 30.

Scroll below to see how the bachelor nation celebrated in “Stagecoach”:

Hannah Brown

“Do you all remember Alabama Hannah? Now it’s her,” the author of the magazine “God bless this dirty magazine” wrote on Instagram, referring to his nickname in the franchise.

Katie Thurston

The Washington native said the 32-year—old pop singer’s “Die a Happy Man” set—with an unexpected cameo from Ashton Kutcher – was “certainly” her favorite.

Amanda Stanton

Amanda got to the country music festival with her fiance and eldest daughter.

Blake Horstmann

Blake even put on a T-shirt with the inscription “We met in the stagecoach.”

Thomas Jacobs

The California native enjoyed the Night 1 performances at the music festival.

Abigail Heringer and Noah Erb

“Just happy to be here,” Abigail captioned the clip on Instagram, in which she dances with her beau.