Bachelor: Beca Martinez begins the process to become a foster parent


Beca Martinez, who played in the 22nd season of “The Bachelor”, wants to increase her offspring and told about her plans to become a foster mom. Beca has been in a relationship with Grayston Leonard for almost five years. She met him after participating in the season of “The Bachelor” by Arie Luyendyk Jr. After leaving the show, Beca began dating Greystone in February 2018. Their relationship developed rapidly, and three months after their relationship became official, she discovered that she was pregnant with their first child.

In February 2019, the lovers had their first child and daughter Ruth. They joined their brood in July 2020 with the arrival of their son Franklin. Beca and Greystone raised their children with love. However, the reality TV star spoke about her desire to have more children in an interview in December 2020. Beka expressed her love for children and said that she likes to have a full house. She explained that she is one of five children, and she likes it. However, Beca admitted that her body needed a break after she adopted two children in two years, and revealed that she and Grayston discussed the possibility of adoption so they could become a home for other children, even if it was temporary.

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It looks like Beca and Greystone have started implementing their plans to become foster parents and are close to meeting their adopted child. Recently, the 27-year-old TV personality informed her fans via an Instagram story update that she is in the process of becoming a foster parent and was sworn in for CASA (a court-appointed special counsel) during her trip to Oregon. She further said that she was in the process of creating a couple with an adopted young man and was waiting for an official court decision on the appointment. On Monday, August 1, Beca posted another update in her Instagram stories about her parenting plans. Beca shared a photo of herself relaxing on the beach and captioned it: “Working on my CASA case on the beach (#blessing 🙏🏻).” The mom of two, who was wearing a Chill AF baseball cap, added: “[Found] this hat in her car, and it’s very ironic because I couldn’t be less cold today.”

Information about Becky’s adoptive parents will appear just a few weeks after she and Grayston officially got engaged. Beca announced her engagement via an Instagram post she made on July 9. She shared photos of herself and Grayston cuddling while she showed off her engagement ring. After Beca shared the news of her engagement, many graduates of the Bachelor Nation congratulated her. Among those who celebrated with her were Jade Roper, Becca Tilly, Ashley Iaconetti, Amanda Stanton and Kendall Long. However, this is not the first time Grayston has proposed to his longtime sweetheart. In June, Beca revealed via a TikTok video that he proposed to her three years ago, but she refused, although she was still taking pictures.

Beca and Greystone continue to develop their relationship. The lovers have already become parents of two charming babies, but now they want to increase their brood at the expense of an adopted child. Such a gesture is commendable, since the couple will not only increase their family, but also help a child in need. Becky’s recent update shows that she may be close to fulfilling her wish to become a foster parent, given how relaxed she looked in the photo she shared. Now that the graduates of The Bachelor and Grayston are engaged, their fans will be looking forward to new news not only about their admission, but also about plans for marriage. Let’s hope that the sweet couple will experience more happiness in their ever-blooming relationship.


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