Bac 2021 very soon postponed because of Covid-19?


Jean-Michel Blanquer is not really reassuring about the maintenance of Bac 202. It could be postponed because of the Covid-19

We don’t really know where we’re going, but we are. Indeed, many people thought that 2021 was going to be synonymous with new life and the end of Covid-19. But the virus decided otherwise. With the appearance of several variants and new waves even stronger than the previous ones, life remains turned upside down. This could even cause the Bac 2021 to be postponed!

But before students who are already seriously late jump for joy, know that these are just guesswork. Indeed, the Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, was on RTL a few days ago. By taking the opportunity to give news of the health crisis, he therefore broached the famous subject.

The latter, making it known in relation to the Bac 2021: “there will be no postponement unless the epidemic situation requires it”. In other words, as with containment, nothing is planned on this date but it can happen at the last moment. So understand that we can expect a postponement of the tests …

Because yes, from the beginning, the Government has not been able to be transparent with its citizens. Not ceasing to take tweezers and pass the ointment to us to avoid saying what bothers… Proof of this is with the confinements and closures of restaurants.

Senior officials knew very well what was going to happen in recent months. So why not say what we were getting into right away rather than beat around the bush? This is the question and the 2021 Bac is one of those questions …


That’s why, although Jean-Michel Blanquer is “reassuring” we must prepare for a postponement of the event. Especially since he had to take a further step that showed nothing reassuring.

Indeed, after addressing the subject of the Bac 2021, he returned to the presence of students in the classroom. The latter not yet being able to be at 100%, have seen their gauge once again reduced because of the current crisis. This once again pushing back the return date to 100% of current students.

Regarding antigenic tests, Blanquer also wanted to present himself as a “good student”. Making it known, as Purebreak notes: “High schools and colleges are tested. Each time we see more than three cases. These tests are done on a voluntary basis. Experience has shown us that not everyone is willing in this kind of situation. ”

So you will understand, the situation does not seem to be getting better. Well the postponement, or not, of the Bac 2021, will prove it even more.


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