Bac 2021: specialty exams replaced by continuous testing!


Following the health crisis, the 2021 Bac is partly canceled and replaced by continuous testing. But not for all trials

Did you think 2021 was going to be different than 2020? You were way too confident… Indeed, the New Year seems to be following in the footsteps of its predecessor and we seem to be on the same path to exactly the same struggles as a few months ago. Starting with a new confinement, undoubtedly stricter, but also “the cancellation” of the 2021 Bac.

Already last year the events had undergone many changes. This worrying the baccalaureate holders. Indeed, their diploma, taking into account the situation and the conditions in which it was obtained, is worth almost nothing… It remains to be seen whether future employers will show understanding…

But that the 2020 graduates “reassure themselves”, what will try their luck for the 2021 Bac will be put in the same basket. Indeed, the Ministry of Education has indicated that the test will be canceled and replaced by continuous assessment. In other words, if you haven’t done much since the start of the year, your chances of graduating are very slim.

Maybe you can put your hopes on the Grand Oral? Indeed, as CNEWS notes, a Grand Oral will take place at the end of the year. Supposed to take place between June 21 and July 2, this is a 20-minute presentation. Where the student will have to present, in front of a jury, a project related to his specialty courses.

Another test remains maintained for the moment for the Bac 2021. This is the philosophy test. But unlike usual, students have the choice between 4 subjects and not 3, “in order to cover the curriculum of the final year as much as possible”, as Jean-Michel Blanquer explains.


Apart from these exceptions, the rest of the test should therefore be done under continuous control. Indeed, the final year high school students had to take their specialty exams between March 15 and 17. But due to Covid-19, it is proving almost impossible to maintain these dates.

They will therefore be judged on their marks obtained throughout the year. By crossing our fingers to have the average and to hope to obtain the Bac 2021. The EPS courses, meanwhile, will also be graded in continuous assessment. As it always has been for years.

But if this year’s high school students get graded on continuous testing, that shouldn’t change them that much. In fact, last year, they were already assessed this way with the French tests.

We also hope that the students in question have done well throughout the year. But also during their year of Première. Indeed, the ballots from the previous year will be seen by the jury. This may help some to obtain the Bac 2021 or, on the contrary, deprive them of it according to their grades and assessments.