Bac 2021: Should there be 100% monitoring with Covid-19?


The 2021 Bac is subject to many changes … With the Covid-19, some are already talking about 100% continuous monitoring.

The Covid-19 is putting a lot of things into perspective. From the point of view of high school students, the pandemic will have consequences. On the baccalaureate exams, therefore.

Jean-Michel Blanquer preferred to speak with sincerity. The Minister of National Education detailed the next reforms he has put in place. With elected officials. Here they are.

Remember. The Minister of National Education, Youth and Sports recently ended the face-to-face course. 100%. The courses are 100% insured. With some relief, therefore.

But then, what about the Bac? In a few months, thousands of high school students will try to get the precious sesame. In order to access higher education.

In an interview with LCI, the latter was clear on this subject: “The measures that I have taken consist precisely in preserving the essence of the framework of the baccalaureate. As it is now designed. You would have understood it. That is, 60% terminal control. And 40% of continuous monitoring, therefore ”.


“What we have changed is the way continuous monitoring is assessed. It’s simple, “added Emmanuel Macron’s right-hand man. An announcement which therefore confirms that the Bac 2021 will take place. With some relief, therefore.

And to continue: “From now on, the report card represents 40% of the Bac for the year 2021. This therefore allows each student to prepare well. Continuously throughout the school year. In progress “. So you will have understood it. A large part is therefore devoted to the tests of the initial Bac, therefore.

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The 2021 Bac is therefore well and truly maintained. And part of the tests will therefore be face-to-face. But it is therefore minimal, unlike the “classic” written tests.

On social networks, the announcements made by Michel Blanquer made Internet users react. Some are happy with this distribution. And others do not hesitate to display their displeasure, therefore.


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