Bac 2021: Everything can change because of Covid!


According to information from L’Etudiant, a text has just been published by the Government authorizing the change of the 2021 Bac at the last moment

We are barely at the start of the year and, already, high school students are stressing about passing the 2021 Bac. Stress in particular due to the unknown towards which they are heading. Indeed, we do not really know how the events will go and if they could change at the last moment.

Will they be truncated like last year? Will the students be able to pass them in their entirety? Are the trials going to just take place? These are all questions that we are asking ourselves and to which we have no answers at the moment.

What we are sure, however, is that the pupils fear for their future. But also, if the 2021 Bac were to be maintained, many students are afraid of not having finished their program.

This is particularly the case with Manelle, a student from the 11th arrondissement of Paris: “In maths, my teacher clearly told us that there would be chapters that we should do alone at home. So I find that to be unacceptable. ”

But the girl is not the only one in this case. Many fear having to do part of the program for the Bac 2021 alone at home. Eh, therefore, not to have all the assets in certain fields.


But what should worry high school students even more is the fact that the ordeal itself could change at the last moment. Up to two weeks before the start of the “contest”.

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As reported by L’Etudiant, the Government has just published a text, dated December 24, authorizing him to “make the necessary adaptations for the implementation of the 2021 Bac or other tests. These adaptations must be brought to the attention of the candidates by any means. This, within a time limit which cannot be less than two weeks before the start of the tests ”.

So you will understand, we do not really know where we are going for this new edition of Bac 2021.

Especially since the text was being published on a day when we had something else to think about. This is no doubt because the Government wanted as few people as possible to be informed …


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