Babylon’s Fall to Change Esthetics to Improve Visibility


Babylon’s Fall: PlatinumGames representatives confirmed that Babylon’s Fall action-RPG will undergo visual improvements in the near future. The main point to be improved is the visibility of what is happening on the screen.

The reason for this lies in the game’s aesthetic, which seeks to have a look similar to that of an oil painting. But part of the details ends up being lost because of the post-processing filters, especially compared to more traditional games of the genre.

Oil painting aesthetic hinders the visibility of the action

“We’ve received feedback that the current brush filter prevents visibility and we’ve received requests to change it,” reveals game director Kenji Saito. “Now we realize that the balance between the concept of a painted world and visibility needs more tweaking.”

These points are raised in a report recently published by PlatinumGames, which reflects on the experience of the latest Babylon’s Fall closed beta tests.

Following player reactions, a studio spokesperson announced that “the development team is working on some significant improvements to the artwork” of the game.