Babylon’s Fall Gets Off To A Bad Start On Steam In Terms Of Player Numbers And Reviews


Babylon’s Fall has not been well received by PC gamers on Steam. This is what the information on the SteamDB data page and on Valve’s official platform shows, revealing a very low number of players and “neutral” reviews for the game.

In the first 24 hours of the game as a service, Babylon’s Fall reached a player peak that was below 1,000. Now, with more time since its release, which was on March 3rd, the game has reached a peak of 1,180 concurrent players at the time of writing this post – which is no big deal.

Of these players, very few bothered to leave reviews for the game, and only 53.06% of them were positive. Many of the complaints have to do with the game’s format.

Babylon’s Fall costs the same R$300 as any AAA game, but it’s a GaaS (game as a service), which means it’s always online and always offering things for players to buy. More optimistic players recommend waiting at least 50% off before playing the game.

We don’t know how the game is performing on PlayStation, but if it’s similar to Steam we’re looking at yet another disappointment, as was Avengers, Square Enix’s latest “game as a service”.

While gamers complain, however, Platinum Games has already stated that it wants to invest more and more in games of this style, and Square Enix started the year by declaring its excitement about NFT.