Babylon’s Fall Gets Date and Details of Closed Beta


Babylon’s Fall: This Sunday (25), Babylon’s Fall website revealed news about the closed Beta of the game. The game period date will differ depending on the region of the registrant and will focus on basic aspects such as client download and installation, account registration and authentication, and server testing. The first testing phase will be exclusive to Steam; see details below.

Japan will be the first region to be awarded the Beta on July 29 — from 6:00 am to 10:00 am (GMT). The North American region will only have the game a week later, on August 5th; the trial starts at 10 pm, ending at 2 am on the 6th.

Finally, Europe will have Babylon’s Fall on August 12th from 2 pm, with the end scheduled for 6 pm. Each player’s dates will be set based on Square Enix’s account region, so Brazilians will be in the US period.

Beta Details

Due to the focus on login and account testing, game content will be limited and PlatinumGames warns players to expect repeated maps and enemies. More gameplay elements will be added in other betas.

According to the game’s website, videos and photos should not be shared on social networks, but the restriction may be removed in the future. If the player fails to comply with the term, access to the Beta will be terminated.

This will be the first of three testing periods; “Phase 2” is expected to include PlayStation 4 and the latter will also feature PlayStation 5 players. Unfortunately, dates for upcoming betas have yet to be released.

Babylon’s Fall

Originally unveiled in 2018 as a result of a partnership between Square Enix and PlatinumGames, the game received more details at this year’s E3 touting itself as a four-player cooperative “game as a service”.

According to the Moby Games database, Kenji Saito, director of Babylon’s Fall, was also director of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, producer of Astral Chain and game designer of Bayonetta 2.

“The idea for this game came up during the development of NieR: Automata when we thought: How awesome would it be if players could experience PlatinumGames’ stylish action with others? The early part of the Closed Beta will focus on technical aspects and, to be completely honest, , the game will not be in a fun state,” said Yosuke Saito, producer at Square Enix.


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