Babylon’s Fall: Check Out 30 Mins Of Closed Beta Gameplay


Babylon’s Fall is the newest project made in partnership between Square Enix and the developer Platinum Games, which naturally serves to significantly raise the expectations of action and RPG game enthusiasts around the world!

At the producer’s invitation, Voxel had the opportunity to see firsthand the game’s closed beta on the PlayStation 5, as you can watch through the player below. In addition to the PS5, the title will also have versions for PC and PS4, with the right to crossplay between them all.


The game’s promise is to deliver fluid cooperative combat, very powerful weapons and a unique art style, bringing together a strong team with directors Kenji Saito (programmer for Bayonetta and Viewtiful Joe) and Takahisa Sugiyama, executive produced by Junichi Ehara (also producer of the classic Nier Automata).

Although my first impressions were quite negative, with the game leaving a lot to be desired in relation to the other big titles from the producer, it’s good to remember that the studio is totally open to player feedback and that it continues to improve a little more each time. beta phase.

Let’s hope that the final version manages to deliver a journey more coherent with the very high standard of quality expected by Platinum fans. But while its release doesn’t arrive, how about telling us what you think of the video in the comments below?