The content of the second season of “Autumn of Babylon” has been revealed


Square Enix fans went through a difficult period in 2022. Although long-awaited and positively received games such as Triangle Strategy were released this year, there were also many misses that disappointed fans. One of such major blunders was Babylon’s Fall, the company’s latest game, created in collaboration with the famous action game studio PlatinumGames. While Babylon’s Fall contains the same RPG gameplay that fans have come to expect and love from previous projects like Nier: Automata, Babylon’s Fall has not received the same amount of praise.

According to the developer and publisher, despite the rough launch of the game, as well as its cool reaction from critics and fans, Babylon’s Fall promises to receive at least two more seasons of content. The first seasonal update of the game has been released, which will provide players with some new features to explore, as well as some minor gameplay fixes.

The trailer for “The Fall of Babylon” shows what was added in the second season, known as “The Light of Aaru”. This includes an entirely new faction that players can join, known as Kuftaali. It is described that this faction originated from the desert, and the society was built on merchants and trade. They specialize in support skills that use Gutwork abilities exclusive only to this faction.

Another addition is a new type of weapon that “Fall of Babylon” players can use — a pistol. As the name suggests, this is an exclusively ranged weapon capable of dealing stunning damage to enemies when fired. They can be fired “rapid-fire” or loaded to fire a large “perfect shot” to cause huge damage. It looks like it will operate similarly to Bayonetta or Nier: Automata in terms of how players shoot at the enemy from a third person.

A new element known as “Helio”, which uses the energy of the sun, will be introduced. Weapons and armor with this element will also be implemented. In the future, the game will feature an in-game beach-themed event known as the Festival of the Sun, in which players will participate in bathing suits. Along with the update for the second season, the developers of Babylon’s Fall have announced that they are re-evaluating the game and its future, even extending the season from the original end date of August 29 to November 29.

The Fall of Babylon is already available for PC, PS4 and PS5.