Baby Yoda can be reflected in reality in your living room


Google has been adding augmented reality animal figures to its search engine for a few months. This week, the platform surprised fans of the Star Wars franchise and added the famous Baby Yoda.

The character in the series The Mandalorian, also known as The Child or Grogu, can now be viewed from several angles. Highlighted, the young jedi can also be “photographed” in real environments.

To see the character in 3D, the user must type “Baby Yoda” or “The Child” in the Google search tab on the phone or tablet. Then, just go down the page and click on the option “See in 3D”.

At first, the person will view the figure on a white or gray background. Then, depending on the model of the mobile device, it is possible to have access to the option “See in your space” and position the Child in a real environment.

Another interesting detail is that, while the person observes Baby Yoda with the augmented reality feature, the character makes some movements. For example, he blinks his eyes and moves his head and ears.

Season Finale of The Mandalorian

Google’s action takes place the week the final episode of Season 2 of The Mandalorian comes to streaming Disney +. In this way, this is a way for fans of the Star Wars spin-off to kill Baby Yoda’s longing until next season.

According to the platform, the new episodes of the attraction will premiere only in December 2021. If you have not yet watched the program, find out 10 reasons to follow this space adventure.

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Finally, it is worth noting that Google has already entered into several partnerships with Disney and Lucasfilm. For example, they recently launched The Mandalorian AR Experience, an augmented reality app exclusive to 5G devices.


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