Baby Shark is YouTube’s most watched video


The popular children’s song of recent years, Baby Shark, reached 7 billion 48 million views on YouTube and became the “YouTube’s most watched video ever”. The title was in Despacito’s video clip voiced by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee for a little over three years.

It should not be surprising that the video of a song that billions of children from all over the world listened to, received this title. Baby Shark has made a place in the minds of adults who do not have children.

It can be said that Baby Shark’s path to the top is interesting. According to the news of The Verge website; Baby Shark ranked seventh on YouTube’s most-watched videos list last April. The number of views of the video at that time was 2.5 billion. The video, whose number of views increased by 181 percent in the past seven months, managed to reach the top by leaving pop songs behind.

Baby Shark isn’t the only kids’ content to top the list of the most watched YouTube videos. The songs “Masha and the Bear” and “Johny Johny Yes Papa” are currently in the fifth and sixth places on the list. The Baby Shark’s top spot also seems to stay intact for longer.

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Baby Shark is the most viewed video on YouTube


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