Baby number two: The birth was so great for Angelina Panek


Angelina Pannek (30) is in full childish happiness! A few days ago, she confirmed that her husband Sebastian Pannek (36 years old) and she welcomed their second child in the world: after the birth of a son in April 2020, she is now also the proud parent of a daughter. Overjoyed, the influencer has fully returned from her childhood break and is gradually sharing details with her community. Now Angelina has told how wonderful the birth was for her.

“The birth went absolutely smoothly and even better than I could have imagined. I am very grateful for this,” she wrote enthusiastically on Instagram. Even after giving birth, Angelina feels very well and everything is going great with her newborn daughter. “I’m breastfeeding. I’m glad it works as well as the first time,” she said of her daily life with the baby.

Her husband Sebastian is also very proud of his little princess. “Of course, it was a special time for us as a family, we grew up again, and this is the best time in our lives,” he wrote with gratitude on the network. And the ex-bachelor also made a significant contribution to the fact that Angelina’s birth was so beautiful: he was by her side throughout the birth.


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