Baby Accidentally Buys $ 50 thousand Tesla Package On The Mother’s Cell Phone


Tesla: One woman went viral on TikTok after posting a video captioned “When your ten-month-old child buys the full Full Self-Driving package through the Tesla app.” According to her, her daughter was playing with her smartphone when she entered the company’s app and purchased the electric car’s automatic steering package. The value: US$ 10 thousand (about R$ 50 thousand, in the current conversion).

The purchase can be refunded within 48 hours, but the woman only noticed the accident days later, when checking the bank statement. To try to solve it, she took a screenshot of the receipt and sent it to the company, questioning why there are no extra measures to prevent accidents like this.


It’s not the first time someone has complained about accidentally buying packages on Tesla’s app. At the end of last year, some users claimed that they ended up buying software updates by sitting on their cell phone, for example. The number of complaints grew and the company changed its reimbursement policy, with the aim of reducing the problems arising from the accident.

The change consists in the possibility of requesting the money back within the first 48 hours after purchase. However, this is only possible for customers who purchased services through the app. Persons who have made an upgrade through the Service Centers must contact the unit that made the purchase directly.


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