B2W merged with Bob’s in Americanas and Ame apps


In addition to investing in a platform for delivery of purchases, the B2W group announced a new partnership that will allow the purchase, through its marketplace, of products from the fast food chain Bob’s.

According to B2W, the agreement will allow consumers to find snacks and other Bob’s products within Americanas and Ame applications. To receive the order, just choose one of the approximately 1,200 stores in the fast food chain:

“The agreement is in line with the company’s strategy of becoming increasingly relevant in the client’s daily life, always with a focus on better serving them, the company said in a statement to the market.”

It is worth remembering that B2W has made a series of partnerships with several retail companies with a physical network, including convenience stores, restaurants, markets, pharmacies and petshop.

This expands the variety of products within the markerplace and makes the company’s platform even more attractive to its consumers.

“Americanas’ Local Marketplace platform (Buy and Receive Today) uses the neighborhood concept to offer customers maximum convenience with a wide assortment of products and fast delivery (delivery carried out by Ame Flash proprietary solution with more than 17,000 deliverers). The operation also allows the fast connection of retailers from the physical world to the digital world and already has thousands of partner stores in several categories, including: convenience stores, restaurants, market, pharmacy, petshop, among others.”


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