Azuelu snaps at 90-day-old suitor of the groom who asks about Kalani


The popular 90-day fiance star Azuelu Pulaa has a strong message to share with a follower who wanted to know if he and Kalani are still together or are pretending to break up. Kalani was 29 and Azuel was 23 when they met during her vacation in Samoa. Kalani lost her virginity because of Azuela, the director of the resort where she was staying. Kalani got pregnant, which her family could never digest well. Azuelu came to America to stay with Kalani when their baby was 5 months old, and thus began their 90-day bride journey in season 6.

Since then, the relationship between Kalani and Azuelu has not gone well at all. Although there were happy moments in the spin-offs “90 Day Fiancé”, in which Kalani and Azuelu participated, they were overshadowed by divorce rumors. The 90-day-old groom couple, who now have two children, Oliver and Kennedy, have been the subject of constant breakup rumors since their last appearance together in the 90-day Diaries. Kalani said that Azuelu is at a “breaking point” when he cannot fulfill his duties as a husband and father. However, in June, Azuelu admitted that Kalani no longer communicates with him, despite the fact that he supplies her and the boys with everything they need.

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Recently, Azuelu shared a shocking video on Instagram in which he mentioned that he is not married. Azuelu’s confession was seen as confirmation of his breakup with Kalani. But skeptical fans suspected that Azuelu and Kalani were trying to stay relevant by “breaking up.” One such fan received a very unexpected response from the star of 90 Day Fiancé Azuela. The comment revealed that a TLC viewer was asking everyone else if they got on Azuelu’s page, only to find out if he and Kalani were married. Azuelu used the TikTok trend “I’m heartbroken, I’m really heartbroken…” to make a heart out of his hand, and later showed his middle fingers to the camera.

Since Azuel’s response to the 90 Day Fiancé fan is open to interpretation, many other comments about his relationship with Kalani can be seen under his Instagram video. In his caption, Azuelu shared that he was heading to San Diego and boarded a train for the first time at Fullerton Station, as his followers noted. Fans of 90 Day Fiancé think that Azuel needs some time alone to properly prioritize. However, Azuelu trying to live his best life when it seems that he “abandoned” his children for the sake of a trip is not something his fans agree with. “He says he’s heartbroken, that’s what it looks like to me,” one TLC viewer said, and another person chimed in, “He’s definitely not married.”

The last major appearance of Kalani and Azuelu in the franchise was in the movie “90-day groom: Happily ever after?”. Due to the fact that the ongoing 9th season of “The 90-day groom” is reaching its climax, “Happily ever after?” It is expected that the cast of season 7 will be announced soon. Perhaps Azuelu will return to the show with Kalani to pick up things from where they left. Azuelu did talk about how his contract makes him feel like his life is under control. But most fans of Kalani and Azuelu believe that, according to tradition, the couple of the 90-day-old groom will get back together. Unless, of course, they get to the next season of 90 Day The Single Life.